Formula NUST Racing – A Change

For an idealist sitting, playing chess on the streets of UK it seems like an everyday affair but in Pakistan, the concept of formula racing rings no bell at all. I speak today on behalf of a nation that I fear has lost the insight of their patriotism and is limited to simply playing and winning cricket matches against India. While the global economy doesn’t support our country and the political system deteriorating, it seems that most of us have a ‘just another day’ mindset.

I don’t particularly support any national leader and I believe most of us don’t. However, what I do believe in is that my country deserves better. My will, my passion, my dream to start and expand the idea of Formula Racing in Pakistan is not led by a will to make money. I am no economist; I am an engineer and I make race cars.

In a country where we experience 200% inflation, my idea seems absurd, unrealistic and totally impractical, doesn’t it? An elderly asked me once as to why I am doing such extravagant projects, “go help the needy” he said. And to that, I replied, “Sir, I wish to sustain my country, not by simply feeding it but by breeding a dream.”

The Formula NUST team has the honor and privilege of being the first team to ever represent Pakistan in a Formula Student competition. That makes us trendsetters? Maybe. But that is not the point of all of this. Formula NUST Racing is no doubt driven by the will to be the first Pakistani team but more importantly it is more of a marketing strategy that must be implemented in order to keep the chain running.

We seek our participation in this competition to avenge the negative labels we so effortlessly have been given by the world. We wish to represent the unity that lies within. We are Pakistanis, we are a nation, we are not those immoral terrorists that we are portrayed to be and that is the change the NUST team wishes to bring.

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