Interactive NUST Formula Student Team is back!


Every year students from around the globe gear up for the world’s largest educational motorsports competition, Formula Student UK (FSUK) which was held from 8th July, 2015 to 12th July, 2015 at Silverstone and was attended by nearly 3,000 students this time.

Interactive NUST Formula Student Team participated in both the static and dynamic events of the competition, raising the green flag among 97 teams at the home of British motorsports. History was made at the track of Silverstone, when NAS15 completed 18 laps out of the 22 laps of the Endurance Run and went onto secure 49th position overall. NAS15 was able to clear scrutineering at FSUK which included the brake test, noise test, safety inspection, chassis inspection, tilt test and technical inspection. The Team also improved its position in the Business Presentation event, by coming 28th out of the 97 teams this time.

The Team next set out on its journey to achieve another milestone: by participating in Formula Student Germany for the first time this year. It was not only the Team’s passion to raise the Pakistani flag higher than ever in the heart of Europe, but also the love for motorsports and engineering itself that compelled the Team to be a part of Formula Student Germany. The competition offers an opportunity for motivated individuals to develop their abilities in real world situations.

From 28th July, 2015 to 02nd August, 2015, the Team took part in what is said to the toughest FSAE competition where the best of the best Formula Student teams compete. Held in Hockenheim, Germany, the competition proved to be a testing ground for the Team which was able to clear all the inspection tests and qualified for the dynamic events, but was unfortunately unable to complete the events. The team’s first attempt at the competition landed them on a 63rd position overall. The Team from Pakistan was lauded by the chief design judge at Formula Student Germany, Pat Clarke for bringing an excellent car to the competition.

Speaking about his experience of leading the 2015 Team, Afnan Ahmed, Team Principal said:

“This journey has been an amazing learning experience for each of us, as Formula Student incorporates into itself an extensive approach on engineering design, project management, manufacturing as well as the economic aspects of the automotive industry.I am very proud of my team and of the growth and dedication the team has shown. It is these people that motivate me at every step to give my very best to this Project and it has been a great time leading this Team and coordinating the talents of my fellow members towards the certain goal that we have set for ourselves.”

To achieve the vision of producing the best human resource that will enable the nation to be at the forefront of technology, Interactive NUST Formula Student Team is practically implementing classroom teachings into building useful skills and gaining work experience through this project. The Team hopes to instil in youngsters a passion for engineering, science and technology through its efforts for Formula Student, which offers a golden opportunity for motivated individuals to acquire a skill set that they will need for a lifelong career ahead.

FS Spirit – Source of Winning Hearts, Friends and Experience

FS Spirit

With the end of a remarkable Formula Student season for the Team, we would like to extend heartfelt gratitude to those people who actually made it possible and worthwhile. This goes out to all the teams from as far as Poland and as close as India. We are thankful to you for the sportsman spirit and constant support, for the kind gestures and for the goodwill that makes this Formula Student community, a close knit family.

The sharing of ideas and resources between the teams during the FSUK and FSG competitions is perhaps the best part of learning in the FS community, the inspiration which comes from seeing the passion of each and every team at the competition is priceless. Since at Formula Student competitions the biggest gift a team can give to another team is the exact size of a simple bolt to clear the Technical scrutineering. And we may have asked for a lot more than a single bolt, but it is the FS spirit which has never left us disappointed. This makes the Formula Student community the best group of students from around the globe.

Taking this opportunity, we would like to mention few teams to whom we are extremely grateful for the support, help or advice we may have received from their side. The teams include, UG Racing, MMU Racing, IIT Bombay Racing, Team Lakshya, LJMU Racing Team, Sheffield Formula Racing, Formula Student Team Delft, YTU Racing, UP Racing ,Southampton University Formula Student Team, TAU Racing, Blue Streamline, Philadelphia Formula Student Team, UB Racing, Team HARE, Team SPARK, Cal Poly Pomona Formula SAE, RennTeam Uni Stuttgart, High Speed Karlsruhe, Brunel Racing, Oxford Brookes Racing, Mcgill Racing Team, Mainfranken Racing and Rennstall Esslingen.

We would like to apologize if we have missed out any names, and we look forward to meeting you all in next year’s Formula Student Season, till then have a happy year building the new race cars!

Best wishes from Pakistan,

NUST Formula Student Team

Formula Student Germany 2015

The final event of Formula Student Germany 2015, the Endurance Run got concluded today. Interactive NUST Formula Student Team managed to hit the track, but unfortunately NAS15 could not complete the endurance.


Despite running brilliantly for weeks before the competition, and even being announced as a well prepared car by the commentators. A loose toe rod connection on the rear left wheel caused slight wobbling in the wheel, which forced our car to retire from the race.


But it has been an amazing experience competing with the best of the best Formula Student teams of the world at Hockenheimring. Moreover meeting people in person like Mr. Pat Clarke, whom we have been following ever since we started participating at Formula Student competitions was a feat in its own. Further being mentioned specially by Mr. Pat Clarke in the design review presentation as a ‘very very excellent car and team from Pakistan’ will always remain as a moment to cherish for us.

The results for static events are up as well and we are ranked as follows:

  • Cost Event: 35th/71 teams
  • Business Presentation: 43rd/71 teams
  • Engineering Design Event: 65th/71 teams

We would like to make a special mention to our Sponsors and supporters who have helped us to reach this far, it’s only the faith and trust of people like Mr. Shahid Mehmud (CEO Interactive Group – Title Sponsors of NUST Formula Student Team) that has enabled the team to reach uptill here. Moreover we would like to express gratitude DHL Global Forwarding, Gul Ahmed, Eikon7 and Mobil for playing their part in our accomplishments. Further we would not have been able to do it without the support of Dolmen Cares, Port Grand, Aeromotive Composite Technologies, V-Flo, Allco, Carmudi, Ricardo, RSS Race Wear and Pakola.

And last but not the least; we would like to express our gratitude to the National University of Sciences and Technology – Pakistan Navy Engineering College, Dean Engineering Sciences Mr. Shafiq ur Rehman, and the faculty advisor of the team Mr. Mahmood ul Hasan. It was their support and guidance that kept us going. And finally would like to mention the valuable asset of the team, the alumni of NUST Formula Student Team who has always been a strong pillar of support in all calamities and difficulties, we are lucky to have their back whenever it’s required, and honestly, it’s only their experience which has enabled us to mark history at Silverstone and Hockenheimring this year.

In the end all we would like to say is it’s never about your wins but how you managed to get up every time you fell, that is what determines your success. It’s never about your ability to walk. But it’s about your willingness to crawl, even when you’re hopeless!

Ladies and Gentlemen this team has taken up numerous difficulties and challenges to achieve what we have been able to achieve today. Being there among 29 other nations and telling the world that Pakistan is not behind than the rest of the world, we have the courage and potential to stand right next to them. About the technical expertise we are not that far now, with constant learning and steady improvement each year, that day is not far now when we’ll be able to match the technical standards of the western world, Insha Allah.




A fitting farewell to NAS15

Despite the blistering hot weather and sleepless nights,the Team stood tall and proud to bid farewell to NAS15.

The garage bustled with energy as team members added some final touches to the preparations at hand. Be it marketing or technical department, everyone wanted to contribute something as time neared to bid the final farewell. Tools were tagged, nuts were tightened, essentials were placed… all was set before latching the door onto the box that would contain the race car. But before loading NAS15, as per the tradition and perhaps what was deemed as completing the picture, the green flag was taken out from its place and held high. The motivation that drives the Team: to bring laurels to this nation…the joy and courage of nearing this stage… the zeal and fervor for the upcoming competitions…all of it can be clearly seen in the picture below!

A promising future awaits!


Partners 2015 – Interactive Group

interactive group

All a dream needs is someone to believe in it! And Interactive NUST Formula Student Team is lucky to have Interactive Group on board as the official title sponsors of the team.

It’s only the belief and trust of Mr. Shahid Mehmud (CEO Interactive Group) which has enabled the team to grow and excel over a span of 3-4 years only. Visionary companies and people like Interactive Group and Mr. Shahid Mehmud is the reason that there’s still a ray of hope alive towards the technological advancement and progress of the nation. We are deeply humbled and extremely grateful to Mr. Shahid Mehmud for being with us through thick and thin, and for being our greatest supporter ever.

We aim to fulfill all of his expectations for this year’s competitions Insha Allah.

Partners 2015 – Eikon7

eikon 7

Interactive NUST Formula Student Team is highly thankful to Eikon7 for being the Team’s official branding and digital partner this year.

Through Eikon7, Interactive NUST Formula Student Team was able to spread word on the social media about its endeavors for Formula Student in an effective way.Interactive NUST Formula Student Team would like to extend profound gratitude to Eikon7 for helping the Team with its marketing campaign.

Partners 2015 – Gul Ahmed

Gul Ahmed

Interactive NUST Formula Student Team is glad to have Gul Ahmed on board this year as the Team’s official clothing partner.

Gul Ahmed being the leaders of fashion clothing in Pakistan has designed and provided apparels to the team which will surely make them stand out among all other teams at Silverstone and Hockenheimring. And for that the team is forever grateful to Gul Ahmed.

Partners 2015 – DHL


Interactive NUST Formula Student Team is proud to announce DHL as their Official Logistics Partner.

DHL has proven ability to match the speed, precision and excellence of many well-oiled F1 teams to deliver the fastest and most efficient motorsports logistics in the business. It’s an honor to handover the team’s logistics to DHL this year.

Partners 2015 – Pakola


Interactive NUST Formula Student Team is highly grateful to its official beverage partner, Pakola for supporting the Team in its endeavors.

Pakola refreshments were not only served to the guests at the unveiling ceremony of NAS15, but also during the days and nights spent in the garage. The entire Interactive NUST Formula Student Team would like to thank Pakola for being the official beverage partner of the team.

Partners 2015 – RSS


Interactive NUST Formula Student Team would like to extend profound gratitude to Route Sixty Six(RSS) Race wear for designing the race suits of the Team’s drivers this year.

These driver suits have been carefully designed, keeping in view, the proper representation of sponsor logos as well as the competition requirements. Interactive NUST Formula Student Team is grateful to RSS Race wear for helping the Team in its endeavors.