This year, the Team launched its “Racing to Learn” campaign in collaboration with its partner, Interactive Group, to promote excellence in learning through motorsports. Interactive Group believes that relying on schools and classrooms is not sufficient. Classroom learning must be complemented by real world hands-on experience to produce a potent human resource capable of coping with challenges of a fast evolving world.

Under the slogan of “Racing To Learn”, the Team conducted various programs, which included awareness campaigns in different schools of the country about the FS competition, motorsports and engineering in general. The ultimate aim of this campaign is to hone a generation of Pakistanis into leaders of tomorrow. Together with this, the “Racing to Learn” Mascot served to effectively convey the positive initiative about learning through motorsports.

As part of its “Racing To Learn” campaign, the Team also introduced video blogs on social media this year, aimed at keeping followers updated about the Team’s progress as well as promoting knowledge of motorsports and engineering in general. These short, informative vlogs were posted weekly from the team’s Facebook page, receiving a very positive response from the audience as it enabled the team’s followers to further explore our progress, and get a brief overview of the technical aspect while building a race car.