Vice Admiral Mushtaq Ahmed (Retd.), Pakistan Navy

A very proud moment in the history of Pakistan specially our Alma Mater, PNEC. To see today’s youngsters compete at the highest level is something to cherish. Keep up the good work. May Allah(SWT) be with you.

Hamza Shams, Marketing Manager Formula NUST Racing 2012 – 2013

For an idealist sitting, playing chess on the streets of UK it seems an everyday affair but to our people the sound of formula racing rings no known bells. I speak today on behalf of a nation that I fear has lost the actual insight of their patriotism and limited it to playing and winning cricket matches against India. The global economy doesn’t support our country and with the deterring political system most of us live on ‘Just another day’ basis.

I don’t particularly support any national leader and I believe most of us don’t. However, what I do believe in is that my country deserves better. My will, my passion, my dream to start and expand the idea of Formula Racing in Pakistan is not led by a will to make money. I am no economist; I am an engineer and I make race cars. In a country where we experience 200% inflation, my idea seems absurd, unrealistic and totally impractical. An elderly asked me once as to why are you doing such extravagant projects, go help the needy. My argument to that was a one-liner ‘Sir, I wish to sustain my country, not by feeding it but by giving it a dream’

Our team has the honour and privilege of being the first ever team from Pakistan to have competed in Formula Student competition. That makes us trendsetters? Maybe. But that was the not the point of this all. Formula NUST Racing is not driven by the will to be the first Pakistani team. It’s more of a marketing strategy that we must implement to keep the chain running. Our passion is driven from the idea that we must use our engineering to the best of our abilities in expansion of an average mindset in our country. We seek our participation in this competition as a rebuttal to the world that we are Pakistanis, we are a nation, and we are the means to show change. We wish to convey that we step on this soil year after year just to tell you that our nation is wrongly projected. We are not the people who have lost moral values, we are not the people who have engaged in terrorism and we are definitely not the people who lead a protest for everything. We are just proud Pakistanis and we will come every year just to be the light for everyone else living in our country that it’s time to change.


Ainy Jaffri, Actor, Model in Pakistan

Good luck team NUST, make us proud! All the best, lots of love and good wishes.





Nadia Hussain, Dentist, Actor, Model in Pakistan

Proud of you guys! Go get em tigers!

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